24 UK Podcast Set Tour Season 8

Watch the most thorough and complete tour of the 24 Sets you are ever likely to see! The 24 UK Podcast Set Tour has arrived to coincide with the Season Finale (UK), Watch as you are joined by Carlos Barbosa (Production Designer) and Trig & Jamie for a guided tour around the 24 sets.

They explore CTU during filming where you see everything including the main floor, the 24 foot screen, Hastings & Chloe’s office, the sever room & more! Carlos then guides Trig & Jamie around his impressive recreation of the United Nations, you will see the Council Chamber, the interpreter booths, President Taylor’s office, President Hassan’s office, Logan’s office, & even the Berlin wall!

During this unprecedented tour you will also get to see what lies behind the sets as Carlos reveals all to Trig & Jamie, this is a completely unique set tour where you will see never before seen footage of Carlos & the 24 sets, all exclusive to the 24 UK Podcast!

A big thanks to Carlos Barbosa for giving up his time & going out of his way to help make this set tour possible. We would also like to thank Alex Knudsen of Gantry Productions for his amazing work editing the set tour together, Nawaz Alamgir for the incredible graphics created especially for this set tour & our sponsor Blue Microphones! We hope you enjoy the 24 UK Podcast’s Set Tour!


Author: Trig and Jamie

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