The award nominated 24 UK Podcast has brought you podcasts for over 6 years. Featuring critically acclaimed review podcasts of every episode of 24 since season 6. Exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of 24, set tours, and on location interviews.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007 the 24 UK Podcast was born and the pilot episode released to the public. A week before Trig & Jamie had consumed a very large amount of alcohol and were talking about one of their favourite shows and the drunken idea of the podcast was discussed. The very next day, both hungover, they recorded the pilot episode reviewing episode 8 of season 6.


Podcasting every episode since Trig & Jamie have interviewed the cast and crew of 24 and visited the sets in LA filming many video interviews. 24 is back on our screens in May 2014 and the podcast is back too.