The 24 UK Podcast is Back

24 is back and so is the 24 UK Podcast! The new season “24 LAD” is currently being filmed in London and the 24 UK Podcast will have all the latest news and of course will be podcasting during the new season that starts on 5th May 2014!

We also be looking to setup interviews with the cast and crew in London while filming continues here in the UK. Check you iTunes subscription and ensure you have the latest link

Our brand new website has a full archive of every podcast and interview from the 24 UK Podcast for your enjoyment until the new start of 24 LAD. We also be adding some never before seen footage from our time in LA during Season 8.

Spread the word that the 24 UK Podcast is back and for now we leave you with a teaser trailer from the new season of 24!

Author: Trig and Jamie

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